Choosing a fuel supplier is a big decision.

Below are answers to the questions you might have.

What brands of fuel do you have available?

Depending on your location, Shell, Exxon, Mobil, BP, Chevron, Texaco, Phillips 66, Conocco, Union 76, Marathon, Valero, and Diamond Shamrock. We also have an unbranded offer.

Based on the brands available in my area, which would be the best for my location?

Your Circle K Wholesale Fuels Regional Development Manager will work with you to determine what brand offers the best opportunity for your specific location.

What are the advantages of branded fuel?

There are many advantages. Consumers are loyal to a brand they trust because of the higher fuel quality, additives, and detergents. In addition, consumers are aware of branded gasoline because of proprietary credit card programs, fuel rewards, and local and national advertising campaigns.

For you, the Dealer, branding your site may include an image investment, volume rebates, and other variable incentives.

Can Circle K Wholesale Fuels help manage my fuel inventory?

Yes. Circle K Wholesale Fuels offers a range of options including fully-automated tank monitoring and dispatch to insure “keep-right” fuel inventory levels. Fuel dispatch is managed by a live person, in an office, 24-hours a day, every day.

How will Circle K Wholesale Fuels support my business?

Circle K Wholesale Fuels has experienced, local Dealer Business Managers specifically trained to assist you in managing and building your business.

Which geographic areas do you cover?

Circle K Wholesale Fuels currently serves much of the United States. Click here for a coverage-area map and your Regional Development Manager’s contact information.

How can Circle K Wholesale Fuels help me succeed in a competitive market?

Whether you are a single or multi-site operator, Circle K Wholesale Fuels will leverage our relationships with key national brands to provide a broad spectrum of programs. The local Dealer Business Manager will work with you to efficiently utilize these programs at each of your unique locations.

My station needs updating – can you help me?

Depending on what your site needs we can offer a variety of options to assist you. Our Regional Development Managers are trained to assist you in exploring these options.

Do you have sites available for me to operate as an independent dealer?

Yes. Please contact the Regional Development Manager for your area of interest. Click here to connect with one of our experts.

Are you interested in buying my site or my Jobbership?

Circle K Wholesale Fuels is committed to growth in the U.S. Whether a single site, or a multi-site organization of wholesale operated facilities, we would be interested in speaking with you. Contact the Regional Development Manager in your area if you are interested in divesting your business.